I did not vote for Mayor Jamie Clary, (who) won the majority of the citizens of Hendersonville's votes.  When an election occurs after the Democratic process of voting, we all must abide by the outcome. This unfortunately turned out to not be the case.

A gang of seven alderman decided to usurp the will of the citizens of Hendersonville by taking it upon themselves to fundamentally change the structure of Hendersonville governance. They did so by stripping the administrative authority of the mayor and giving them to a city administrator. I use the term gang because that is how a gang functions, using their numbers to self-impose their will over others.

This was wrong for so many reasons. If they felt a fundamental change in the city's administrative responsibilities was warranted it should have been put to a referendum. If Mayor Clary was so inept in his administrative duties there were much better alternatives.

Any one of the seven could have opposed him in this current election. If there was a more immediate threat to the city then they could have petitioned a recall vote. Unfortunately, these options were not taken. Instead they took it upon themselves to change the way we are governed by deciding to hire a city administrator. at an extravagant salary and benefit package I might add, to take over our duly elected mayor's responsibilities. 

My question is why do we need both a mayor and a city administrator? It seems to me it doubles the cost to taxpayers. This yet-to-be-hired city administrator will only answer to the board and not to the citizens who pay all of the city's costs through taxation. This is wrong, as taxpaying citizens we have a right to hold those who spend our money accountable.

I found the first person to be offered the city administrator position to be extremely demanding and arrogant. Fortunately for us she declined the position after her outrageous demands were not met. Is this the kind of behavior we can expect from whomever is eventually hired? Also, what proof is there that an administrator would do a better job than a duly elected mayor?

 I believe we need to scrap this whole questionable plan by the gang of seven. I believe they went down this needless path simply because of personal issues with our mayor. Again, there were other and better options. Ultimately it should be up to the taxpaying voters to decide who runs our city.

I will be voting for Mayor Clary this election if for no other reason, I do not like unbridled abuse of power by elected politicians. As a reminder to those who took it upon themselves to impose their will over the citizens of Hendersonville, government is supposed to be Of the People, For the People and By the People. Not Of, For and By seven self-anointed aldermen.

Gary Redden



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