The TSSAA has officially canceled spring sports for the 2020 school year. With that comes the abrupt end for seniors across the county. Some will have the luxury of moving on to play college ball in their respective sports, but the harsh reality is that most kids will never get to play the game they grew up loving anymore.

We at Main Street Preps want to do something to honor these seniors. It is not much, but we are hopeful these senior spotlights will shed light on stellar careers enjoyed on the fields.

This particular article will focus on the Beech Buccaneers baseball senior. 

“The first thing that comes to my mind is how resilient they are as young men,” Beech baseball coach Josh Carman said. “To go through a coaching change midway through your high school career is hard. On top of that, they get to their senior year, ready to take charge, and boom, the coronavirus ends their season. We spent a couple of hours with each other before we were officially separated, and they were sad and upset. It was almost like they did not want to leave.”

Bryson Duffer, Jackson Bryan, Derek Steen, Koltin McCrary, Jerrett Webb, and Davin Duer may have only gotten in two official games their senior season, but their lasting legacy of being good teammates and good ambassadors for the program will last forever. 

Bryson Duffer is a hard-working man,” Carman said. “If I had a son, I would want him to have his work ethic and manners. He is a pretty darn good baseball pitcher but a better young man. Jackson Bryan, I enjoyed having him as a player and his family in the program. He is a great young man with a great work ethic. He was a kid that would come in every day early, and we would sit in my office and talk. Derek Steen is a quiet professional. He is one of the more reliable defensive players I have ever seen on the field. He comes in and gets his job done and is someone you do not have to worry about. Koltin McCrary is a great kid that comes from a great family. This was his year to get his chance, and he was going to log many innings for us. Unfortunately, we did not get to see what he could do for us. Nevertheless, he was always a hard worker for us. Jerrett Webb is another great kid from a great family. His parents have done so much for the program over the years, and he was a great lifeline for our locker room. He was always in a great mood, smiling, and if someone was having a bad day, you could count on him to cheer them up. Davin Duer was supposed to have his year this year. I feel horrible for him. It was his turn to anchor the outfield. He always did his job and was a good ambassador for this program.” 

The worst part of the coronavirus shutdown is not seeing potential fulfilled. 

“We were feeling excellent about this season,” Carman added. “We overachieved a little last year with a young group and were ready for this year. I think we were going to be a feared team in our district, but it turns out this year was the year of what could have been.”


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