The TSSAA has officially canceled spring sports for the 2020 school year. With that comes the abrupt end for seniors across the county. Some will have the luxury of moving on to play college ball in their respective sports, but the harsh reality is that most kids will never get to play the game they grew up loving anymore.

We at Main Street Preps want to do something to honor these seniors. It is not much, but we are hopeful these senior spotlights will shed light on stellar careers enjoyed in the fields.

This particular article will focus on the Beech High School Lady Buccaneers softball seniors: Sunnie Jett, Robyn Atkins, Sydney Johnson, and Christian Lee. 

The highlight for these four seniors came in 2018 when the team won the District 9 and Region 5-AAA Tournament Championships.

 “Sunnie Jett is incomparable and unique, with no one else like her anywhere in this world,” coach Alley Thomas said. “When she has something to prove, she is always up for the challenge. She wants to be challenged, and it means everything to her. She hates training, but she does not quit. Sunnie is a “Make it happen” young lady when the challenge would arise.”

“Softball can be such a mentally tough sport. One girl can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one girl cannot make up that whole team. Robyn Atkins did a dang good job at carrying the load for the team. There were moments like this where she stayed positive and dug deep for her team. Another great quality she has is taking pride in all that she does. She always made a point to do work she could be proud of. She was always ready to play!” 

Sydney Johnson walks with a purpose of living strong, smart, and together. She was made to inspire others. She is the athlete practicing sportsmanship rather than just preaching it. This is a skill that each athlete learns along the way. Some lose it, but not her. She demonstrates it. More times than not, the team listened and responded to how she played the game. She is a born leader.”

“Running into someone better than you is inevitable as no one is perfect at everything. Christian does not use it as a crutch. Christian Lee will find the term to train harder and win. Those obstacles do not stop her. I do not believe the phrase “give up” is in her vocabulary. She will climb it, go through it, or work around it. She has an unparalleled work ethic.” 

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