Whit Drennan

Whit Drennan.

June 6, 2019 will be a day that Whit Drennan will never forget. 

That is the day his childhood dream of playing professional baseball came to light as he was selected in the 29th round of the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft by the 2017 MLB Champion, Houston Astros. 

After graduating from Pope John Paul II in 2015 where he played for head coach Michael Brown, Drennan took his talents to Winter Park, Florida to play Division II baseball for Rollins College. 

In four years with Rollins, Drennan threw 129 innings, recording 194 strikeouts and a 3.55 ERA. 

“I got a call from their head scout to congratulate me but before that I saw in our group chat that all my buddies were congratulating me. I was actually on the golf course when I got drafted,” Drennan said on how he found out he was going to play professional baseball. 

“Once you get drafted they send you out pretty quick,” he continued. “I’ll be in Florida on Tuesday, June 11 in West Palm Beach at their spring training facility.

“I’ve been truly blessed to be here,” he added. “I have had a lot of support over the years and a lot of people to help plant a seed in me to get here. I can’t thank God enough for the blessings he has given me.”

Standing on the mound at a 6’7, 180 pounds, Drennan admits that if he wants the best career possible he will need to work hard in the weight room. 

“I think the big reason I was drafted was my projectibility” he said. “I know I need to put on weight and mass to be able to handle a full season and to put more velocity on my fastball. It all comes down to strength and conditioning for me while also trying to get better at my pitches. I have a long road ahead of me but I’m very excited for the ride.”

Drennan will start his short season rookie ball campaign that will run through the end of September before taking a few months off. 

He says he is not sure if he will stay in Hendersonville to train but is more so leaning toward heading back down to Florida. 

“Not sure yet where I will spend my time off after rookie ball,” he said. “I do know that I can go back to Florida and train with the guys that got drafted with me. It may be a better opportunity for me in terms of my development.

“My slider is what really got me drafted,” he added to what he feels comfortable throwing on the bump. “Obviously I have other pitches but I like to throw a lot of off speed, crafty pitches. After my freshman year at Rollins is when I actually learned how to throw my slider. I wanted to learn to control and throw with more velocity. I can’t thank James McGonigal, Patrick Szczerba and Rob Marcello enough for developing me and believing in me to put me on the mound.”

Drennan is the son of Cherie and Greg Drennan and has two brothers, Johnny and Deuce, and two sisters Jordan and Olivia Drennan. 

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