Castalian springs

Riggins Construction LLC to Jeffrey and Adria Kerwin, 1446 Littleton Ranch Rd., Castalian Springs, $550,000.

Riggins Construction LLC to Robert and Chua Bachtell, 1442 Littleton Ranch Rd., Castalian Springs, $550,000.


Parkside Builders LLC to Hannah and Nelson Griswold, IV, 123 Harvard Dr., Gallatin, $263,840.

Edwin and Janet Landry to Bryan Dimino and Serena Campeau, 626 Lilycrest Dr., Gallatin, $365,000.

Linda Stoker to Carol Harris, 124 Saxony Way, Gallatin, $315,000.

NVR Inc. to Andrea Corbitt and Irene Modisett, 1029 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $339,315.

Sandi Sparkman Executrix of the Annie Sherron Estate to Stephen Todd, 1029 Edgewood Dr., Gallatin, $174,000.

Hayley Hager to Candace Austin and Jacob Wagner, 1029 Monticello Pl., Gallatin, $382,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Douglas Bergquist, 5045 Percival Dr., Gallatin, $335,000.

Nashwood Real Estate Inc. to Cathy Gilbert-Silva and Lawrence Silva, 270 Hollywood Blvd., Gallatin, $265,750.

Frank Duchesne, III to Lindon and Deborah Robertson, 1646 Boardwalk Pl., Gallatin, $336,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Vamsee Guntaka and Ramya Pothugunta, 5037 Percival Dr., Gallatin, $341,000.

Adela Cruz to Edgar Bustos, 256 Brown Pl., Gallatin, $249,900.

Stephan and Kaye Ivanoff to Justin and Mollie Parsons, 480 Cummings Ln., Gallatin, $720,000.

Marita Sexton to Ronald and Donna Flowers, 2121 Sullivan St., Gallatin, $385,000.

Guy and Lorraine Looney to Heidi and Lance Jenkins, 445 Bell Rd., Gallatin, $635,000.

Karen and Thomas Elmore to Linda and Warren Bennett, 825 Browns Ln. #1201, Gallatin, $360,000.

Roberta Ward to Barbara Halcomb, 1307 Douglas Bend Rd., Gallatin, $600,000.

Carl and Carol Clark to Allison Wimer, 243 Whitestone Ln., Gallatin, $506,000.

Baven and Andrea Hill to Dustin and Morgan Gordon, 128 North Pardue Ave., Gallatin, $305,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Abbi Sevigny and Brandon Dean, 437 Deveron Dr., Gallatin, $323,890.

Paul and Kellye Perry to Daryl Spicer, Brian Oldham, Eric Perry and Terry Perry, 1040 Hunters Horn, Gallatin, $210,000.

Katherine Bentley to Zillow Homes Property Trust, 857 Peninsula Dr., Gallatin, $356,593.

Charlotte Duerksen Trustee of the Duerksen Family Trust to Ralph and Peggy Lech, 151 Monarchos Dr., Gallatin, $450,000.

Claudette Moody and Ayuna Langford to Kristopher Schutter and Justin Strong, 222 Bonita Ave., Gallatin, $181,000.


Michael and Leanne Busby to Bobbie Williams, 172 Tara Ln., Goodlettsville, $430,000.

Zillow Homes Prop Trust to Brooke Nichols and Matthew Shattuck, 136 N Wynridge Way, Goodlettsville, $542,500.

Jeffrey and Joyce Cowan to Maria and Rosa Paredes, 520 Ellen Dr., Goodlettsville, $390,000.

Jonathan and Jennifer Freeman to Robert and Cathy Mayne, 2028 Crencor Dr., Goodlettsville, $650,000.


Green Daniel, III Trustee of the Amended and Restated Green Daniel, III Revocable Trust to David Wolfe, 0 Shivel Dr. Lot 4, 5, 6, Hendersonville, $199,000.

Karen and Kenneth Hill to Armaghan Sabetmoghaddam and Mehdi Somehsaraie, 107 Radcliff Ln., Hendersonville, $500,000.

Olivia Euler and Roger Owens, Jr. to Samantha and Brandon Spradlin, 103 Stark Knob Rd., Hendersonville, $435,000.

Omega 54 Partnership to Brandon and Natalie Woodall, 105 Clubhouse Bay, Hendersonville, $479,900.

Chester and Melanie Baldwin to Jeffrey Peek and Jennifer Miles-Peek, 631 Lingering Way, Hendersonville, $595,000.

Michael and Maria Parker, Jr. to Suzanne Slater, 159 Ervin St., Hendersonville, $685,000.

Donovan and Mabel Ames to Holman Investments LLC, 108 Nokes Dr., Hendersonville, $290,000.

Jones Co. of Tennessee LLC to Daniel Reynolds and Penny Crook, 305 Van Conder Pl., Hendersonville, $508,659.

Jones Co. of Tennessee LLC to William and Hisako Skelton, 324 Van Conder Pl., Hendersonville, $442,063.

Richard Tarpey Trustee of the Joann A. Lewan Irrevocable Trust Agreement to Durward and Deanna Fuqua, 100 Knoll Ln., Hendersonville, $425,000.

Opendoor Property Trust I to Matthew Lopez, 101 Donovan Ct., Hendersonville, $411,000.

Joel and Lacey Wilkie to Brittany and Jon Dodds, 1023 Benwick Rd., Hendersonville, $450,000.

James Durham and Janelle Mears to William Wine, 152 Nathan Forest Dr., Hendersonville, $327,000.

Paul and Amanda Still to Patrick and Teri Walsh, 1013 Crimson Way, Hendersonville, $605,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Chernae and Emmanuel Saka, 268 Crooked Creek Ln., Hendersonville, $499,900.

Lindsay Hollingsworth and Taylor Barnes to Janina Gerlach, 176 Ashington Cir., Hendersonville, $485,000.

Karl and Tina Wagnon to Mark and Kelly Govea as Trustees of the Glacier Trust, 129 Hunters Ln., Hendersonville, $735,000.

David and Jennifer Madar to Elmer and Terry Huffman, II, 1026 Crimson Way, Hendersonville, $687,000.

Jessica and Corey moore to Glen and Adina Daniel, 105 Ridge Dr., Hendersonville, $476,000.

Adam and Alicia Issa to Edward Cox, 157 Waters Edge Ln., Hendersonville, $360,000.

Kenneth Harrison and Shannon Wilhoite Devisees of the Shirley B. Harrison Estate to Jourdan Miller, 107 Hepplewhite Dr., Hendersonville, $323,000.

Jack and Elani Wood to Frederick and Kathleen Marshall, 1010 Smokerise Ln., Hendersonville, $640,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Dia Liggons, 6080 Ivory Ln., Hendersonville, $278,950.


C & S Leasing LLC to Edward Ensley, 148 Kala Cir., Portland, $259,900.

Michael and Ashley Sprague to Dustin Boyer and Jacob Boyer, 404 Gibson St., Portland, $195,000.

White House

Weekley Homes LLC to Bailey Mross, 420 Meandering Way, White House, $471,990.

Chadwell and Olivia Yates, Jr. to Joel and Lacey Wilkie, 110 Brookview Dr., White House, $675,000.

Sylvian and Dawn Simoneau to Todd and Samantha Dorris, 116 Telavera Dr., White House, $450,000.

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